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This page illustrates a preliminary discussion for the future of SBFC. If you would like to develop any of the following feature, please let us know writing at:

sbfc-devel [at]

List of the future features we are currently interested in:

  • improve the support for converter options. On the online web app and on the webservices
  • add a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to SBFC
  • decide whether the OSGi branch will be the main branch
  • build a Cytoscape plugin for SBFC

List of the future converters which may be added in the future:

Current timeline

  • Oct 2015 - SBFC manuscript submission
  • Sep 2015 - SBFC manuscript preparation
  • Sep 2015 - First public release of SBFC
  • Sep 2015 - Feature freezing and debugging
  • Jul-Aug 2015 - insert additional converters
  • Jun 2015 - Merging of SBFC OSGi and trunk branches
  • May-Sep 2015 - SBFC manual/wiki preparation
  • Mar-Jun 2015 - Updating SBFC Online (web service)